Tour-Proven Technology Used

Video Coaching Software

Cloud Based Video Coaching Software

CoachNow is the Future of Video Analysis Software in Sports and is rapidly becoming the most preferred video analysis of coaches, instructors and training facilities worldwide.

FlightScope X3

Accuracy is more important than perception.

The revolutionary new radar design and implementation delivers unprecedented accuracy. Patented technology that combines 3D tracking radar and image processing for unmatched data accuracy. With higher performance, increased signal clarity, and more consistency, the X3 provides advanced accuracy on every measurement and data parameter. The Environmental Optimizer allows us to plan and prepare for all weather conditions and landscapes by modifying your environment to understand how climate variables affect your shots.

Focus Band

Measuring the mental aspect of golf.

The FocusBand is a wearable brain training headband that measure your brain activity. This activity is displayed on a mobile which is a mirror of your state of mind. Now that you can "see" your state of mind you can manage your state of mind.

BodiTrak Pressure Mat

Understanding how your body moves.

BodiTrak force-sensing mats give you real-time force & pressure data on how you interact with the ground & insight on how to improve.