Team JJA Golf

Owner & Lead Coach

Jeremy Anderson

Jeremy Anderson is the Golf Swing Guru. Jeremy specializes in full swing through utilization of all different forms of technology that he owns such as FlightScope, Foresight GC Quad, CoachNow, BodiTrak, and Focusband. Jeremy is also considered by Golf Digest one of Americas Best Young Teachers and of the Best Golf Teachers in Arizona.

Jeremy was awarded the 2018 PGA Teacher of the Year Award for the Southwest PGA Section (Arizona & Nevada) his first year in the section after being nominated for the award six times as a member of the Illinois PGA Section. Jeremy has had students qualify for USGA events, receive college scholarships and go on to win college tournaments, along with many national/international junior golf tournaments. Jeremy has also been a featured writer for and The Huffington Post.

An accomplished player in his own right, Jeremy still loves to compete at the PGA Section level. His mantra to his students is that If you outwork everyone your only opponent is the moment.

Staff Instructor

William Eldrenkamp

William was introduced to the game of golf by his father, Stephen, the day he learned how to walk. During his early years, William spent most of his time working on his game at Ottumwa Country Club in Ottumwa, Iowa.

He went on to have a successful junior golf career and capped it off by attending Indian Hills Community College in 2009. After taking some time to work outside of golf in 2016 he decided to follow his passion and attend the Golf Academy of America in Chandler, Arizona. Upon Graduation in April 2017, William began teaching at Dobson Ranch.

Wanting to take his career to the next level, William found The Legacy Golf Performance Center in 2018. William’s evidence-based approach to the game is taught to each individual according to their needs. William has a passion for learning and coaching and has spent the majority of his time here at The Legacy trying to master those skills. This passion fueled him to pursue various certifications to help further his knowledge and understanding of the golf swing. He is a Jacobs 3D Ambassador, Trackman 4 Certified, TPI Certified, and is a US Kids Certified Coach.

William is dedicated to helping his students understand the fundamentals of the golf game, and provides the tools necessary to improve the individual’s ball striking within the first lesson. William applies his teaching methods to his own golf game because he believes that by practicing what he teaches, he can help his students gain a better understanding of the golf game.

Staff Instructor

Shane Simmons

As a South Florida Native, Shane has worked in the golf industry for over 15 years and worked at many reputable clubs from South Florida to Phoenix Arizona. Shane is a college graduate from FGCU, a Class A PGA Member, golf instructor, and avid tournament player in the SW PGA Section.

Having played the game competitively for over 15 years, Shane has spent thousands of hours developing his own methodology and mentoring under many of the games most credible coaches including Martin Hall, Tim Mahoney and the Golf Swing Guru himself Jeremy Anderson. His hunger to learn about the game never stops as he continues to further his education with certifications, Teaching Seminars and playing the game at the PGA Section level.

Shane focuses on creating sound fundamentals with individualized swing sequencing to produce the desired ball flight the student desires. Not only does Shane strive to make his students better, but he works hard to make his own game better by putting his own best practices to the test day in and day out. From this extreme dedication to the game, he is also able to help students of all playing abilities overcome bad practice habits, poor swing mechanics and mental blockades that may be hindering their performance to succeed.

To conclude, most of Shane’s students leave with a better sense of how to diagnose swing faults, how to practice more efficiently and with more confidence to achieve desired goals.

Staff Instructor

Scott Kuiper

Originally from Tempe, AZ. Scott Kuiper has been playing golf since the age of twelve. With the local public nine hole just a bike ride away, Scott spent all his free time on the golf course. While part of a Junior Caddie program in his youth, he developed a strong foundation of the fundamentals of the swing. Learning what he calls “The Language of Golf.” Athletic and academic endeavors led Scott to Florida State University where he would receive his MFA on a full ride.

Scott uses his experiences from his prior professional career as a stage actor to relate to body awareness and the moment before the golf swing. Scott is a former Club Builder of PXG. His instruction is augmented by the amazing facilities and technologies at the Legacy Performance Center under the mentorship of Jeremy Anderson.

By placing an emphasis on “curiosity,” Scott teaches his students how to be more observant of the clues that every golf swing leaves behind. A curious golfer equals efficient practice sessions, ultimately leading to lower scores.