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  1. Toni Kukoc, Scratch Golfer & 3 Time NBA Champion
    Toni Kukoc, Scratch Golfer & 3 Time NBA Champion
    I have had plenty of quality lessons from Jeremy... He has helped me improve every aspect of my game.
  2. Matthew Rineberg (Director of Tennis Instruction at Arnold Palmer's Bay Hill Club & Future Stars Tennis)
    Matthew Rineberg (Director of Tennis Instruction at Arnold Palmer's Bay Hill Club & Future Stars Tennis)
    Jeremy is a very passionate and detail oriented Head Golf Professional... If you are someone looking for a top in the industry instructor, this is your guy.
  3. Bruce Brenner
    Bruce Brenner
    I have had many golf teachers in my 40 or so years of playing the game and I must say Jeremy Anderson is one of the best. He has an amazing knack for taking your current game and transforming it to the next level.
  4. Randy Abeles
    Randy Abeles
    With your teaching skills and ability to spot my weaknesses have helped me to be a better player with more confidence!
  5. Michael Blitstein
    Michael Blitstein
    Jeremy is an outstanding teacher and instructor. He has a great ability to quickly ascertain the root of an issue and develop an action plan for success.
  6. Vince Rubino
    Vince Rubino
    Jeremy has extensive knowledge of every aspect of the game of golf to help all players, no matter their level of ability.
  7. Cara Young
    Cara Young
    I have taken lessons throughout my life from top PGA instructions in the country and have found that Jeremy is my "go to" guy.
  8. Michael Rudman
    Michael Rudman
    If you want to improve your golf game or learn more about the game of golf don't hesitate to contact Jeremy Anderson.

How I Measure Progress

FlightScope® brings to Golf the most advanced 3D Doppler Tracking Radar technology in the world. FlightScope predates all other 3D tracking radar-based ball and club-measuring systems. My students want to improve daily and FlightScope allows them to meet the high standards I set for them.
Every student has an Online Lesson Locker that contains video lessons from every session. is a Branded V1 Golf Academy where you can log into your Locker and view your lessons at any moment.
#1 Video Analysis Software in Sports!!!
The BodiTrak gives my students insight into another dimension of theirgolf swing. The BodiTrak measures the amount of pressure put on the heel and toe, of both feet, throughout your entire swing.
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Jeremy's Teaching Philosophy

There is no such thing as one right swing for everyone. There is a correct swing shape for each golfer. Every golf swing is made up of steep and shallow angles. The golf swing needs to have the proper balance of both steep and shallow angles. If the swing has a balance...the shape works. If it doesn't...the golfer struggles!!
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